As we go forth with our commitment to creating systems and opportunities that empower Angelenos to reach their full potential, we must center the conversations and actions in support of the needs of Black Angelenos. 

The “State of Black Los Angeles County Report,” by the Los Angeles County Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion (ARDI) Initiative, sheds light on areas where advocacy is critical for fostering a more equitable Los Angeles for Black Angelenos.

The State of Black Los Angeles County Report is an interactive report that assessed the well-being of Black Angelenos in key areas such as housing and mental health. 

Understanding these areas through the Black lens is integral to recognizing systemic inequities rooted in longstanding racial discrimination.  

We also invite you to revisit  Our Black Experience Action Team’s report, “The Path to Justice Runs Through Equity: Ending Anti-Black Racism in Los Angeles,”

The report laid out solutions to help the well-being on Black Angelenos such as :
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy Enforcement
  • Culturally Competent Care/Services
  • Close the Racial Wealth Gap
  • Draw upon the strengths of data collection in public health to serve as an anchor for a cross-sector analysis of Black people in Los Angeles

The Angeleno Project emphasizes the urgency of advocacy and action to address systemic barriers and promote justice. 

Join us in continuing to amplify Black experiences and the data to work together towards meaningful change in 2024 and beyond.