We know this because we live here — each of us and all of us. The Angeleno Project serves everyone in Los Angeles. Our goal is to create new systems and opportunities where Angelenos can fulfill their fullest potential.

In 2020, in response to the pandemic, the Committee for Greater LA brought a diverse group of Angelenos together around a shared vision that our response to this crisis could catalyze systemic change. Through the work of our Action Teams, the Committee produced eight reports examining disparities in Los Angeles and recommending bold and systemic solutions to addressing critical issues, such as homelessness, anti-Black racism, the digital divide, and equitable support of the nonprofit sector.

To build upon this work the Committee for Greater LA transitioned into a new structure that allows us to bring in new partners and access additional tools to advance our vision for a more equitable Los Angeles; these include direct advocacy at the County and City levels. Through The Angeleno Project, we are enhancing our power to further advance these systemic solutions and expand our collective impact while staying true to the values of the Committee for Greater LA. 

We are taking on Los Angeles’ most pressing problems with unprecedented focus. Angelenos understand how we have failed our Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian American, and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islander (AANHPI), immigrant, and LGBTQ neighbors. That language, systems, processes, and institutions must change fundamentally, not at the margins. Because if one person or group is treated inequitably and unjustly, we all are.

We are a group of civic leaders — convened for our government, nonprofit, business, and lived expertise — for whom data and lived experience are our call to arms. Our singular outcome is implementing new systems guaranteeing equity, justice, and opportunity for every Angeleno. We develop solutions outside of government, yet in recognition and support of the power of government to improve people’s lives. And we hold the government accountable to move forward with systems change.

The Angeleno Project is a new model for civic engagement in which participation leads to progress. We promise to realize the fullest potential in our lives in this city. We know we will make Los Angeles the place it is meant to be, starting right now.

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