As we enter the new year, our commitment to shaping the future of Los Angeles remains unwavering. At the heart of this vision are our Action Teams. They are dedicated to creating systems and opportunities that empower Angelenos to reach their full potential. 

In 2024, our collective efforts gain even more significance as we navigate a crucial year at the ballot box and confront a projected $38 billion state deficit. 

Ensuring Our Values With Collective Participation

This year, your participation is more critical than ever as we continue confronting pressing issues affecting every Angeleno. It is crucial in safeguarding investments in our key policy areas: the Black Experience, Housing Justice, Digital Equity, and Nonprofit Equity.

Our gratitude goes out to every one of you for your continued support. Through your commitment and engagement, we can continue pushing forward toward systemic change.

Our Action Teams

Black Experience

The Black Experience Action Team is committed to eradicating anti-Black racism in Los Angeles by using equity as a guiding principle to ensure every Angeleno lives whole, free, healthy, and liberated lives. We pledge to pursue systemic changes and identify issues and solutions throughout the following sectors: philanthropy, government, nonprofit and corporate.    

Housing Justice

It is the Housing Justice team’s goal to address housing security and homelessness through bold actions and transformative systems change. We are committed to implementing solutions that are not only data-driven but also informed by lived experience. We look to Angelenos affected by housing injustice and work towards a better future. Because housing is a right for everyone.

Digital Equity

The Digital Equity team’s vision is to ensure that every Angeleno has fair and affordable access to high-quality internet services. We are committed to creating an environment where equitable digital access becomes a reality, fostering opportunities for all Angelenos to thrive in this digital age.


Nonprofit Equity revolves around establishing a fair and collaborative partnership between nonprofits and the government. We are committed to recognizing them as essential partners in advancing equity. It is by promoting a sustainable and healthy approach to allow nonprofits to thrive and make a lasting impact on their communities that will make Los Angeles a better place.


This year, let’s embrace the challenges with a clear vision, knowing that together we can make Los Angeles the epicenter of opportunity it is meant to be. 


A place where every Angeleno thrives.